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Are you in need of a fast and affordable real estate appraisal in the Austin area? Then you’ve come to right place!

The Austin Home Appraisal Team has become one of Austin’s most relied upon firms for residential property valuations. Our commitment to fast turnarounds, fair pricing and accurate appraisals has placed us at the forefront of the industry. Unlike management companies that outsource their assignments across the state, our appraisers are all local, living and working right here in central Texas, with years of experience appraising homes in this market area.

We’ve tailored our services around the needs of the general public while still maintaining the quality of service our lender clients have come to expect from us. We offer appraisal services and reporting options that are thorough and straight-forward enough for any client from real estate professionals to the typical homeowner. We also have some of the best fees around while maintaining a level of service that cannot be beat!

Lower Fees. Faster Turn Times. Better Reports.

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A Few Reason Why We’re the Best in Austin

Local Expertise: – Having performed hundreds of real estate appraisals in the Austin area, our appraisers understand the market trends and forces that affect home values. You’ll never need to worry about an appraiser who doesn’t know the market performing a valuation on your property. This experience within the Austin market allows us to be faster, cheaper and more efficient.

Faster Appraisal Services: – Appraisers have been typecast as the slowest member of the real estate transaction because most real estate appraisals require a sizable amount of research, travel and report writing. The entire process from scheduling to delivery of the appraisal report typically takes 3-4 business days for more appraisal companies. For us, that just isn’t good enough. That’s why we guarantee a TWO business day turnaround of your appraisal report. And we’re the only appraisal company in Austin that offers a RUSH 24hr appraisal service for when you need your report even faster!

Better Prices: – Better understanding of a market area allows for faster appraisals, which allows us to offer you better appraisal prices. You can call around, but we’ll save you some time. The costs of our appraisal services are typically 15% or more LOWER than our competitors. This doesn’t mean our appraisal services are inferior; in fact, you’ll find that our reports are more complete and thoroughly researched that what many other companies offer.

Better Technology: – To be more in-depth, our advanced tools and software allow us to gather and dissect market data faster resulting in the ability to perform more appraisals in less time. For example, we utilize tablet PCs in the field to collect data and perform building sketches. We’ve hire programmers to write customer software to analyze market statistics and trends. We’ve also equipped all our appraisers with laser measuring tools to allow for faster measuring of homes. The appraisal software we use is top of the line and speeds up the process of writing and compiling reports. And of course, all our appraisers have GPS devices and web-enabled phones so we always get to our appointments on time.

Better Reports: – Some appraisal firms only appraise certain property types. We provide a full service appraisal solution and appraiser virtually all residential properties no matter how simple or complex the assignment. These include single-family homes, multi-family homes, duplexes, town homes, condos, investment properties, lakefront and rural homes.

Austin Area Appraisal Services & Assignment Types

Private Use (General Purpose)

This type of report is perfect for any time a property’s value is in question, but the purpose does not necessarily fall under any other category. These easy to read reports are great for numerous applications including pre-listing, portfolio evaluation, equity splitting, etc. This is the service often used by Realtors looking for assistance in pricing a home for market.

Mortgage & Lending

Whether requested by a management company, or directly from a lender, mortgage appraisals are the most common type of assignment performed by appraisers. Our typical lending clients consist of credit unions, small banks and private lenders. These appraisals are almost always performed on a government issued form. We also perform appraisals to remove PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance.

Estate & Probate

The lose of a loved one is always a tough experience that can be emotionally overwhelming. Our appraisers have the experience required to deal with these matters in a compassionate manner. Even if the executor of the estate has “put off” valuing the real estate assets, our appraisers can perform retrospective appraisals to determine what the home was worth years past if necessary.

Divorce & Separation

During a divorce or separation, the value of all real property owned is often called into question. Even when the situation is amicable, and both parties are seeking a fair valuation, you want an appraiser that can reassure you that he/she is performing their job without bias. Our appraisers are experience with such legal matters and can help you determine fair market value quickly and professionally.

Protest Property Tax Value

It seems no matter what county in Texas you live in, property taxes continue to go up each year. Unfortunately the county records are not always accurate and their approach to appraising homes is a computer-based system that does not do a good job of accounting for differences in property condition, quality and various other factors. An appraisal of your property is the most effective tool you can use to dispute the county tax values.

Investment & Rental Property

We have several types of appraisal services we offer to our property investor clients. Whether you’d looking to buy and rehab, flip, hold and rent or just need to evaluate your holdings to maximize rental profits, we can help. Our appraisers are experienced with determining gross rent multipliers, using the income approach to value, calculating capitalization rates and helping you with your real estate financial planning.

Fast & Friendly Property Values From Local Appraisers

Each of Our Appraisers Has 10+ Years of Experience Appraising Residential Real Estate!

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