Our Appraisal Fees

Below is our current fee schedule for appraisals in the Greater Austin area. The list is separated into Private Use services and Lending/Mortgage use. Please refer to our Appraisal Services Page for a more in-depth explanation of each service. Please note that these fees represent the BASE FEE for a typical property and a typical assignment. Each property and assignment is unique and those that are more complex will require additional fees to complete.

Private Use (Non-Lending) Appraisal Service Fees

Type of Service Fee
Single Family Home Full Appraisal$375
Express Desktop Appraisal (No Site Visit)$150
Full Desktop Appraisal (No Site Visit)$275
Property Tax Dispute Appraisal$375
Investment Property (w/ Rental Info)$425
Multi-Family Property (Duplex, etc)$475
Land Only Appraisal$300


Appraisal Fees for Lending Purposes

Type of Service Fee
Single Family Form 1004$400
Exterior Only Form 2055$300
SFR Field Review Form 2000$300
Condo Form 1073$400
Condo Exterior Only Form 1075$325
Raw Land or Lot$400
Small Income SFR Form 1025$475
Duplex Forms 1025 1007 & 216$550
Property Inspection form 2075$150
Rent Schedule Form 1007$50
Operating Income Form 216$50
Desk Review$200
Update / Completion Form 442 or 1004D$150

Commercial Appraisal Services

Due to the nature of commercial assignments, all fees for commercial use appraisal services must be quoted individually.