New Market Reports Available

By October 16, 2012Appraisal Tips

The appraisers over at RealEstateAppraisalsAustin have started offering free Austin housing market reports on their website. These reports are usually around 6 pages long and provide an in-depth analysis of market condition over the past five years.

While the reports provide housing stats all the way back to five years, their reports take an emphasis on the last 36 months, providing charts and graphs for this time period. The reports should be of use to anyone interested in buying, selling, investing or moving to an area around Austin.

You can view the reports directly on their website, as well as print or download them as a PDF document. Each report also comes with a brief analysis of the data, explaining exactly what all the metrics mean in layman terms. You can contact the company at the following:
8127 Mesa Dr. Ste B206-177
Austin. TX 78759

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