Our Appraisal Fees

Below is our current fee schedule for appraisals in the Greater Austin area. The list is separated into Private Use services and Lending use. Please refer to our Appraisal Services Page for a more in-depth explanation of each service. Please note that these fees represent the BASE FEE for a typical property and a typical assignment. Each property and assignment is unique and those that are more complex will require additional fees to complete.

Private Use (Non-Lending) Appraisal Service Fees

Type of Service Fee
Single Family Home Full Appraisal$375
Express Desktop Appraisal (No Site Visit)$150
Full Desktop Appraisal (No Site Visit)$275
Property Tax Dispute Appraisal$375
Investment Property (w/ Rental Info)$425
Multi-Family Property (Duplex, etc)$475
Land Only Appraisal$300


Appraisal Fees for Lending Purposes

Type of Service Fee
Single Family Form 1004$400
Exterior Only Form 2055$300
SFR Field Review Form 2000$300
Condo Form 1073$400
Condo Exterior Only Form 1075$325
Raw Land or Lot$400
Small Income SFR Form 1025$475
Duplex Forms 1025 1007 & 216$550
Property Inspection form 2075$150
Rent Schedule Form 1007$50
Operating Income Form 216$50
Desk Review$200
Update / Completion Form 442 or 1004D$150

Commercial Appraisal Services

Due to the nature of commercial assignments, all fees for commercial use appraisal services must be quoted individually.


Our fees for measuring homes in Central Texas for Gross Living area are based on complexity of the floor plan and the overall size of the home. Please call for a quote.