Commercial Valuation & Consultation Services

We’re happy to announce that we have expanded our services by providing commercial appraisals across the greater Austin metro area. Our new commercial division is staffed with appraisers who hold Texas Certified General appraisal licenses and a minimum of ten years experience in non-residential valuations.

With this new addition to our team we are now able to accept assignments for mixed-use developments, raw land with non-residential highest and best use, retail buildings, multi-family dwellings consisting of five or more units, as well as various other commercial properties.

Our commitment to accuracy, user-friendly reporting, and excellent customer service remains the cornerstones of our appraisal firm’s reputation. With the added complexity of commercial and industrial property valuations, you need an appraisal firm that can prepare clear reports with well supported conclusions of value to help guide your investing and business decisions.

Why Us for Your Commercial Valuation Needs?

  • Accurate & Reliable
  • Thoroughly Documented
  • Flexible Reporting Formats
  • Local Experience
  • Competitively Priced
  • Certified General Appraisers
  • Fast Communication

Another often overlooked component of a good appraisal is the quality of the research materials that are used – a builder is only as good as his tools and an appraiser is only as accurate as his data.

Another often overlooked component of a good appraisal is the quality of the research materials that are used – a builder is only as good as his tools and an appraiser is only as accurate as his data.

We‘ve made a sizeable investment in up-to-date databases and commercial-specific resources so that our appraisers are always using the most accurate data to complete their research. The result is detailed appraisal reports with an abundance of relevant and insightful information about the market, the specific property, comparables, trends and approaches to values.

What Type of Commercial Appraisal Report Do You Need?

Office building

Narrative Reports

This type of report is often the most detailed. It is generally presented as a self-contained, long-format document with addendums, calculation worksheets, comparables, photos, maps and more. The final product is a “stand alone” report that contains all the information our clients will need to have the clearest possible picture of the real subject property being analyzed.

While this reporting format is typically used for larger transactions or more complex properties where the end user needs a more in-depth analysis of the approaches to value, we do strive to keep the report as concise as possible without “bloating” it with useless data. For less intensive needs we provide summary and restricted-use narrative formats.

Form Reports

These reports are completed on predesign forms with standard layouts and field sets. As such, they are only appropriate for summary or restricted reporting requirements.

Although scaled down in size, these reports require an appraiser to perform all the same analysis as the more robust narrative report – the primary difference being that not ALL the resources and research materials are included. Instead, the appraiser retains related materials used in his or her research within their workfile.

Desktop Appraisals

The most streamlined reporting product available, the desktop appraisal does not require a field inspection of the property. Instead, the appraiser relies on data provided by the client which could include a previous appraisal or a property questionnaire.

These reports are handy when a fast, inexpensive and singular approach to value are needed.

Form style reports offer up to three approaches to value including sale comparison, cost approach and income. That makes these ideal for smaller projects or situations where smaller transactions do not require a full narrative appraisal. Form reports are delivered in shorter time and can offer greater efficiency in assessing a property’s value.

Property Types and Uses

We Routinely Prepare Appraisals For:

Asset Management
Easement Analysis
Eminent Domain
Litigation Support
Market Analysis
Portfolio Valuation
Special Purpose
Tax Valuation/Appeal
Air Rights
Highest and Best Use
Feasibility Study
Cost Estimating
Investment Analysis
Due Diligence
Lending / Financing
Supply and Demand Analysis
Appraisal Review

We Appraise All Types of Properties Including:

Apartment Buildings
Auto Dealerships
Bed & Breakfast
Car Wash
Church / Religious Center
Development / Subdivision
Gas Stations
Golf Courses
Hotels and Motels
Industrial Building
Medical Office
Mixed Use Properties
Mobile Home Parks
Office Buildings
Retail Stores
Shopping Centers
Storage Facility
Vacant Land